What is the birthstone for Virgo? For people born under this sign, it is Sapphire. But you should know that Amber also fits Virgo.

Aug. 23d to Sept. 22d. Familism, Amber, Supporting.

The region of Virgo is family, security, and tribal life. Virgo is under the aegis of Uranus. This planet positively affects the activity of this Zodiac sign. The energies of Virgo are present in the family and tribe. The color of this sign is the tertiary Amber. The period of powers is from August 23d to September 21st.

Who Are Virgo Personalities?

The primary elements of this personality are security and permanence. Its mission is to perpetuate the race, to realize control under its elements and preservation of power. Virgo may sometimes become dominant in either one or the other area. But this person never let loose its primary field -- the family, tribal and national life. Among Virgo, you may often meet publicist, politician, or successful businessman. When Virgo unite its efforts with Leo, it gains support and power to use these interests in its advantages. Their creed is a combination of security, harmony, and defense. They may coexist in agreement with Pisces.

Their mental power intertwined with intellectuality and order. However, Virgo also possesses a sense of humor, inclined to gladness, and wit in constant play. At the same time, this sign regards any possible errors as amenable to correction, without anger. Thus, they usually gifted, spiritual, and harmonic nature.

Virgo possesses the capability to the natural sciences and broad poetic interest. This feature provides the sense of intuition and adds some foresight. In general, this sign of Zodiac accustomed to natural home love. They are encouraged by a practical desire that allows them to dominate in business. They used to be efficient and useful in action. However, they direct all the efforts towards the success of family and home. They avoid outward pleasures, and to seek the production of family group pleasures and ease. As a result, they are sensitive in love almost to the point of jealousy. But they mostly strive to a harmony.