Knowledge of the Zodiac is perhaps the most ancient wisdom. Our ancestors attached great importance to this subject. When ancient man watched the sky, at night, it observed billions of shining objects. It's not clear whether or not our predecessors considered these objects like stars or just imagined the images in their imagination. But this science afterward has become known as Zodiac, while these constellations now called the signs of the Zodiac.

Of course, the term Birthstones appeared much later. But, given the fact that each sign of the Zodiac correlates to the date of birth, we realize that both these terms are of the same origin. It's essential for any person who is interested in astrology, history, and ancient beliefs, to know its Birthstone according to the particular constellation. We present a current list of Birthstones, by order of their corresponded Zodiac Signs below.

Birthstones by Zodiac

Aries SignAries Birthstone Diamond

Aries — Diamond

Taurus SignTaurus Birthstone Emerald

Taurus — Emerald

Gemini SignGemini Birthstone Pearl

Gemini — a Pearl

Cancer SignCancer Birthstone Ruby

Cancer — Ruby

Leo SignLeo Birthstone Peridot

Leo — Peridot

Virgo SignVirgo Birthstone Sapphire

Virgo — Sapphire

Libra SignLibra Birthstone Tourmaline

Libra — Tourmaline

Scorpio SignScorpio Birthstone Topaz

Scorpio — Topaz

Sagittarius SignSagittarius Birthstone Turquoise

Sagittarius — Turquoise

Capricorn SignCapricorn Birthstone Garnet

Capricorn — Garnet

Aquarius SignAquarius Birthstone Amethyst

Aquarius — Amethyst

Pisces SignPisces Birthstone Aquamarine

Pisces — Aquamarine