is a website created to assist the consumers of choosing jewelry appropriate their month of birth. In fact, each gemstone is unique and has its history and properties. But which of them is yours? Why some gems may attract success while others cause suffering and bad luck. Of course, all the ancient superstitions are nothing but legends. However, each such magical feature of a particular gem contains a grain of truth. Precious stones existed on Earth yet before the origin of humanity. Perhaps, people who lived many centuries ago knew more about these gifts of nature.

We believe that each buyer must at least know the history of the precious or semi precious stone, which he acquires, especially, if we're talking about the Birthstones. Surely, we are aware that the origin of the term "Birthstones" is a marketing trick. However, we must admit that this is a successful idea. Indeed, each gem is unique. Therefore, it is logical to assume that you rather wear the gemstone that is presumably yours. After all, each gem has its color. Someone loves the green stones, while others prefer the red ones.

Please, don't take all the magical and healing properties seriously. But we could not fail to mention these features of gems, given the fact that many ancient authors referred to such supernatural abilities of the stones. More important is what you believe. If you endow your favorite gem with the super power, this approach will work, for sure. It is not even a placebo. It's rather your attitude to nature. If you adore your gem, your Birthstone, this substance becomes more real that you can even imagine. It is metaphysics.

Why do you think our ancestors decorated their temples and tombs with gems? The answer is straightforward. People feel attraction to the beautiful. People believe in wonders. We hope that you personal Birthstone endow you with success and love. Enjoy the information. There are lots of exciting materials.