Welcome to Birth Gems. This website is your guide to Birthstones, gemstones and birth flowers. If you want to find your gem, this project made for you. Here you can find extended info about your birthstone and its history, learn information about its name, as well as discover its magical and healing properties. Each of you is special. Given this fact, the marketing specialists invented the term "Birthstones." Indeed, it was an excellent idea, taking into account that each stone has its color, history, and unique properties.

Therefore, when you are purchasing jewelry, you have a hint what to buy. However, this website has another aim. We don't want you to acquire the gems. We want to inform you about what you buy. It is a just informative project, which assists you in your choice. We hope this information will help you to realize the difference between gems, learn their origin, legends, and lore, and allow to emphasize your individuality.

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