What is the flower for people born in September? For those who born in this month, it is the Aster. According to ancient legend, which describes the origin of Aster, this flower fell down Earth from heaven, being a star dust that after turned into a beautiful flower similar to the star whence it came in.

We know that the Christian missionaries were first who visited China. In addition to their primary mission, these travelers studied the traditions and customs of the country as well as its plants and animals. Thus, French monk Nicolas Inkarvil was the first who discovered Aster. Learning the basics of Botany in the royal garden of France, he went on a journey to China among the religious pilgrims.

His primary purpose was to send to Europe as many seeds of exotic plants as he could. So he covertly transferred the seeds of Aster to Europe. As a result, the Paris Botanical Garden was this first place in Europe where Aster blossomed. Antoine Jussieu gave the name «Callistephus chinensis» to this flower. This word derived from Latin means a beautiful wreath.

This flower possesses a rich history, by the way. The scientists who studied the tomb of the king Skilurus found the images of Aster that covered it. For the ancient Greeks, this flower was a mascot capable of protecting its wearer from diseases and poverty. Hungarian warriors used the image of Aster as a distinguishing sign of their army. Aster is a symbol of people born under Virgo sign as well. According to the ancient beliefs, this flower symbolizes sadness of the paradise lost in heaven.

According to the ancient Chinese legend, one day, two monks went on a journey to see the stars hundreds of miles far away from their home. They wandered among the deepest forests, climbed the highest mountains and even icebergs. Finally, they reached the Altai Mountains. At the highest peak of Altai, the monks found out that the stars are still far. So, they realized that they could wander for centuries, but will never manage to reach the stars.

Being disappointed, they decided to return home. For a long time, the monks descended, having no food and water. Suddenly, they stumbled upon a delightful meadow. There was a river with clear water nearby, as well as millions of beautiful flowers surrounded the river. One monk said to another: "We spent so much time in an attempt to reach the sky, but we managed to find heaven on Earth." The monks picked up some flowers, to cultivate. Over time, the monks planted these flowers around their monastery and named them Aster.

The legend says that if someone decides to watch Asters in the night, he could witness that these flowers communicate with the stars. This legend has its roots in the works of the Parisian naturalist and astronomer, Count Alexandre Henri Gabriel de Cassini. The Hungarians call Aster the Autumn Rose, as this flower is capable of blossoming at the end of Autumn and even in early Winter. Aster may cause various emotions. On the one hand, it could cause sadness. On the contrary, it might provoke the thinking of the eternal, enduring beauty. Therefore, this flower rather suits for adults than to youth.