In a case of value, the color is the most valuable virtue of Pearls. Therefore, you must pay attention to this fact while purchasing jewelry. There are only three categories of colors of natural pearls, white, black, and yellow. All the rest colors are fancy, excepting just the so-called "Panama Blue" as well as extremely rare "Fancy Rose" colors.

White Pearls

Pearl Color: White Pearl

The most valuable color of Pearls is Pure White. This term relates not only to the color but also to purity. As a rule, this means white color without any additives other colors. However, it's worth noting that any Pearl has its white tint, which differs from Pure White.

The most valuable natural white Pearls are from Sri Lanka and Australia. Their ancient name is "Mardas," in honor of the Indian city where appeared the first Pearl market. That doesn’t mean that these Pearls are the best and most valuable among all. But in a case of their color, they considered the best ones.

Yellow Pearls

Pearl Color: Yellow Pearl

The most common color of Sea Pearl is Yellow. But this property is not widespread among the freshwater pearls. The Yellow Pearls meet, as a rule, in Oriental seas.

The natural pearls of another color than white, are pretty rare. Therefore, all other colors are just tints of white. They could be of green or pink color. The most valuable are blue and pink, while green and yellow are inferior. But in China, for instance, the order of value is different. They prefer the yellow ones, according to the traditions.

Blue Pearls

Pearl Color: Blue Pearl

The Blue Pearls possess dingy-blue tint. They principally came from Panama, whence their second name -- "Panama" Pearls. These pearls don’t possess real high commercial value. However, they’re not yellow. Therefore many consumers prefer them in comparison to others.

Black pearls

Pearl Color: Black Pearl

The much valuable among all the varieties of Pearls are those of black color. It's evident that much deeper is black much higher is the price, excepting the metallic tint. So if you purchase a string of black Pearls which is possessing a bronze effect, you must suspect the seller, as most likely this Pearls of artificial origin. These specimens possess metallic. As a result, they would lose their brilliance very soon.

Fancy colored Pearls

Pearl Color: Fancy Colored Pearls

The Pearls of fancy color present a broad range of rare and beautiful tints. First of all, it's worth noting that fancy colored Pearls are principally commonly spread in fresh water than in the sea. Among the colors, you may meet "brackish" yellow, a buttercup yellow, light-pink, clear grass-green, peacock and even bronze tints. The much valuable of them is pink due to its rarity.