What is the birthstone for Taurus? For people born under this sign the most proper gem is Emerald.

April 20th to May 20th. Science, Azure, Intertwining.

The primary symbol of Taurus is science. The Taurus region is the region of inspiration, reason, measurement, and exactness. This sign senses the influence of the Sun and energy of Venus alike. People born under this constellation are full of inspiration, of keen foresight, and spirituality, besides. Taurus feels the strong trend in science and research. As a result, they differ by their exactness and their persistence in a mental struggle. Taurus prefers Azure and slightly green colors.

Who is Taurus?

They rarely capable of great financial plans. That's because Taurus is generous with its mental and physical labors. They are not demanding remuneration for its achievements.

They possess an ability to a broad range of scientific disciplines. But their choice depends on the parental heredity. They must cultivate aggressiveness and self-defence to protect themselves from enemies. Taurus woman should marry Scorpio or Pisces. This person must be careful when choosing friend or partner of the opposite sex.

The behavior of Taurus is usually due to its intention to obtain practical results. Nature has endowed Taurus with the intuition that serves as a shield for people born under this sign. The moon gives power to Taurus. This sign frequently acts as an initiator of various ideas. This nature possesses a powerful combination of constructive energies and creative power. Taurus can invent the ideas not only in mechanical or business area but also in mental conceptions. It seeks to comprehend physics and philosophy more fully, to join these disciplines by intuition and imagination.

This sign possesses such qualities as dignity, positiveness, self-control. But it must control its pride and egoism. At the same time, these "negative" qualities give Taurus boldness in the efforts and great consecutiveness proving its resisting capacity not only in spiritual but also in physical self-protection.