What is the birthstone for Scorpio? Two gems are presenting this sign of Zodiac, Topaz, and Citrine.

Scorpio is the region of partnership and labor. This person craves for transformation, justice, and liberty. Its creed is the constructive order. Unlike all the signs of the Zodiac, Scorpio doesn't have the ruling planet that establishes control under this sign (given the mythology of Greek Cronus). According to the contemporary beliefs, this sign is under the influence of the asteroids. However, some sources apply Mars as the ruler of this sign. But the modern astrologers don't consider this fact worthwhile. The primary color of Scorpio is the tertiary scarlet.

October 23d to November 21st. Co-action, Labor, Scarlet, Exciting.

Who Are Scorpio Personalities?

This nature is the most dynamic of all the rest. This sign is engaged in the production of things to satisfy human requirements, and in the transmutation of energy in fertile methods. Scorpio's main features are love, labor, activity, and intense interest in justice. But this sign used to receive a reward for all benefits and bounty provided by it.

This nature despite its presumed severity and ill-nature, almost always lives happily, so far as the marriage relations are concerned. Scorpio possesses the potential for science and manufacturing. Therefore, a native of this sign is found interested in mechanical trades, as retailers, technicians, and agriculturalists, or may often find a place in systems of shipping and transport.

Scorpio strive to take part in the functioning of the world, generally because it has sufficient directive power to manage this process and provide all the necessary for this mission. Its nature is one that demands freedom and will struggle for liberty. As a result, it has drawn upon itself the enmity and prejudice both of those in power and those seeking to control.

The presumed hardness of Scorpio is due to its sense of honesty, fairness, and desire for independence. This feature, by the way, refers to this period when prevailed serfdom, monarchy, and slavery (it was almost a crime to desire freedom and personal liberty). But Scorpio suffers from its strive to freedom, as a result.