What is the birthstone for Sagittarius? There are, in fact, three gemstones that fit this sign of the Zodiac, Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon.

Undoubtedly, Sagittarius is the region of Wealth. As a result, its main features are subsistence, reserve, caution, public and personal defense. All the movements of Sagittarius point toward purposes of utility and gain. This sign is under the control of Mars, fiery-tempered and aggressive planet.

November 22d to December 20th. Wealth, Red, Conserving.

Who are people born under Sagittarius?

This nature is dominant in defense. In general, Sagittarius possesses the desire, power, and directiveness essential to protect itself, to care for others, and to concentrate wealth. Therefore, its primary features are cautious, brave, and courageous. This sign is ready for emergencies in personal and social matters alike. As a result, the antagonism and self-protection.

The principal goal of Sagittarius is the accumulation of wealth and developing skills in the financial area, no matter if this affects others' rights. It seems that no other sign provides so much dynamic and a real force to both sides of human life. This sign is wide-awake to every authority and excited by every variation of human effort. This personality feels the responsibility on the subject of the success of its subsequent generations.

The spontaneous, active, passionate nature of Sagittarius becomes more eccentric and intelligent when endowed with the lunar forces in Aries. This sign possesses the directive capacity and executive power. In many cases, this nature makes few efforts to gain the result. Its economic spirit arises to the fullest extent thanks to the lunar influence of Aries.

Sometimes, Sagittarius feels a fear of failure, with a significant amount of distrust in others, in financial directions. It would be well for this personality to study ethics, spirituality, mental science and government. On the other hand, this fear endows Sagittarius with the trend to the field of scientific and commercial research. This nature will have success in such professions as architecture and trade business. There is, noticeably, an increase in the creative abilities.