What is the birthstone for Pisces? Aquamarine is exactly the gemstone that is appropriate for people born under this sign of the Zodiac.

In general, Pisces is a region of Perception and Art. As a result, the products of its forces are typology, a study of beauty, general sight, mechanical and organic adornment, and mechanical skill. Therefore, their main features are artistic capacity, mathematical power, and visual skills. This nature prefers Blue Grey as its primary color. Pisces possesses a great power of imagination and mental vision.

February 18th -- March 20th. Art, Gray, Cooling.

Who Are Pisces Personalities?

As mentioned above, this personality finds its natural ability in the arts, in particular, in such branches that express symbolism, beauty, and the elements of form. On the other hand, they feel attraction to the mechanical professions. If Pisces makes an attempt to try its hand in another work, it frequently prefers manual labor or the lighter forms of trade. Also worth noting that Pisces can work as a home designer due to its commitment to elegant surroundings. As for science, this nature finds satisfaction, enjoying the artistic elements of nature. In marriage, this sign is appropriate for Taurus, or its solar polarity, Virgo.

Artistic and mechanical abilities of this sign of the Zodiac are due to the lunar influence in Aries. Pisces also possesses great mathematical memory, verbal skills, and literary tastes. Taurus adds the interest in science and accuracy. Thus, they frequently illustrate the tendency to mechanics and in mathematics. As a result, Pisces usually expresses interest in architecture, building, construction work, and, when opportunities are wanting in these, to the manual branches. Among them, you may frequently meet сivil engineers, designers, and chemists.

They are, as a rule, spiritual and romantic in marriage. The most distinctive feature of Pisces is their extreme sociability. Another peculiarity is a passion for artistic expression. On the other hand, they are skillful in technical branches, as well as gifted in the lines of trade and commercial work. But they are liable to financial failure while starting a risky business. However, also worth noting that they are pretty successful home matters.