What is the flower for people born in March? Their flower is Narcissus. Perhaps you know that Narcissus is an ancient Greek idol who symbolizes both dying and reviving nature. The origin of the myth is due to a phobia of a prehistoric man of looking at the reflection of his face in the water. The ancients considered this image as their internal twin, who possesses all the inner qualities, but looks similar to them, whence a well-known legend.

We know that according to the myth, a handsome young man fell in love with his reflection in the river. He died due to this love. As a result, the Gods turned him into a beautiful flower of the same name. However, the legend has a wrong basis, in fact. Etymologically, this term is incorrect, as it derived from the Greek word "Narkaw" meaning to "Freeze." Apparently, the word has changed over time. So the Greeks applied this term to this beautiful but "cold" flower.

This incorrect conclusion caused numerous additional myths on the subject of the narcissistic characters. Thus, people believe that all the people combined under this term are self-oriented, egocentric, and, as a result, narcissistic. But, once again, this assertion is wrong.

The real interpretation is that this legend about the two twin siblings. One of them accidentally drowned in the river. Therefore, a young man every day come to this river, to cry looking at his reflection in the water. He mourned his dead twin sister instead of enjoying his beauty, as many believe. One day, his heart wasn't able to resist the pain, and he threw himself into the river. So, if to look at this legend from the different angle, you can find that these people are rather sensitive and sentimental. That's why we can't call them narcissistic.

Healing & Mystical Properties

The ancients were aware of the supernatural properties of this flower. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks cultivated Narcissus as a valuable and essential oil plant, to use it as a medicine, as well as in the form of spices. The essential oil and alkaloids containing in this flower are used in cosmetics and perfumery up to now.

In China, Narcissus is the primary symbol of the New Year celebration. The Chinese are using this flower in their sacred ceremonies and processions. They also decorate the altar of the gods with the Narcissus.

This flower appeared in Europe in 1570 as a gift to the Lord of England Treasury. For a first time, Narcissus was cultivated in the famous garden on the coast of the Thames. This garden is prominent thanks to numerous domestic plants containing inside it. Until now, this flower has been the symbol of England. Even a Rose wasn't able to obtain such popularity in this country.

There is a widespread belief that Narcissus contains the substances that capable of attracting the love of the opposite sex. So, as a rule, the pharmacists use this ingredient to produce drugs that increase the male power. The medieval doctors knew this wisdom. They recommended covering women’s breasts with the solution of Narcissus petals. For men, the ancient healers prescribed of drinking a liqueur which contains the petals of this flower.

But you should keep in mind that Narcissus may serve a cause of the allergic reaction. So, please, be careful, while applying the Medieval methods to yourself.