What is the birthstone for Libra? There are two gems appropriate for people born under this sign of the Zodiac, Tourmaline, and Opal.

Sept. 23d to Oct. 22d. Rulership, Crimson, Ruling.

Libra is the area of Rulership. Its planet is Jupiter. This planet finds in Libra its greatest power and sympathy. Libra prefers crimson as its principal color. The dominant feature of this personality is rulership, pride, and ambitions. They have a tendency toward severe conservatism and worshipfulness for a law, on the other hand. They rarely listen to others' opinion.

Any mental or physical force directed towards Libra faces resistance, in any case. They often respond to Gemini, as their principal mission is to follow the planets of power. They are also seeking for a help of the formal intellect that may provide them proper direction. This person is eager for stability, while the environment gives Libra an element of firmness and power.

The Main Features of Liba and Its Coordination With Other Signs

Libra also cooperates with Sagittarius on the subject of accumulation of wealth and influence. Among representatives of this sign, there are many commanders and commercial organizers. They love power. However, it's incredibly difficult for them to obey or subordinate others of higher rank.

Sometimes, Libra enlists the help of Leo to assume a place in the directorates of religious organizations. The presence of the Moon in this sign is utmost full. The Moon endows Libra with high power and adds this sign a vast amount of great and beneficial creative ability, with the precise understanding of processes and progress in matters under consideration.

Libra, in fact, is a region of rulership, and the Moon in Aries provides it the necessary power that allows this sign to comprehend the phases of every undertaking. As a result, Libra endowed many chemists with aspiration. They establish control under voice and gesture. Their muscular system possesses a quick reaction and the vital capacity to coordinate complex movements.

The influence of the Taurus Moon upon Libra is one that provides that nature useful reflective capacity, and with a vivid creativity. Libra strives towards the constructive thought and power and possesses the inherent spirituality.

As a rule, Libra is positive, dogmatic, accurate, logical, but oversensitive. This sign also expresses the strong sense of empathy. This regional influence adds sensitiveness gives impulse, foreknowledge, and besides, emotional power. Libra is capable for invention, in applied science. This person could find its vocation in building and heavy construction work. But mostly they manage to build a military and naval career.