What is the birthstone for Leo? According to the modern custom, it is Peridot.

July 22d -- August 22d. Religion, Yellow, Unifying.

The main result of its energies we term Religion. This sign aspires toward unity and spiritual harmony. If this person is capable of developing strong mental qualities, they might become its creed.

Leo is under control of the Sun. Therefore, its favorite color is Yellow. As a result, this color facilitates its energy efficiency in its higher forms of purity and clearness. So, it's clear that its period of power lasts between July 22d and August 22d.

Who Are Leo Personalities?

This sign possesses mental harmony. People born under this constellation are bright, sunny and gifted. The Sun, therefore, endows them with greater vitality and powerful force. Their dominant elements are faith and confidence. This nature is active in the business. But Leo was not used to be aggressive in negotiations. This personality gain success thanks to its eloquence and energy.

However, it's worth noting that these people are rarely constructive. They perceive things and ideas as they are. They are pretty conservative, moreover. As a result, they frequently face Gemini in the field of culture, and Libra in that of politics.

Leo nature sweeps over broad areas of feeling, interest, and endorsement. They are rarely selfish in matters of wealth. But they used to dominate in matters of opinion. Their motto is "Let me rule!" In general, their activity must consist of mental and muscular exertion. But they have to cultivate calmness and a sense of dynamic values. Their mentality is a force of idealism, spontaneity, courage in opinion. Leo is strong in its religious beliefs. This nature should avoid the extensive activity.

Leo has frequently been amidst the collision of religion and science. This person can't collate the course of doctrine and the laws of nature. They may seem antagonists. But they always remain in the state of aspirations, turmoil, and uncertainty.

Their professional skills must contain the elements of management with close relations to human social advancement. As for their health, Leo personalities must be aware of the fact that their brain and nervous system oversensitive.