What is the Birthstone for June? The right answer is a Pearl. However, there are lots of varieties of June Birthstone in several charts. So, between 15th--20th centuries, Cat's eye, Turquoise, and Agate were considered as the stones appropriate for this month. In the US chart dated 1912, Moonstone also included in the list. Alexandrite appears in the American charts only in 2016. Meanwhile, Moonstone gets into the British tables of birth stones in 2013. We prefer to regard Pearl in the following narrative.

By the way, we have a large section on our website devoted to Pearls. Here we are presenting the information correlates to its properties as the stone of June. However, if you want to obtain the additional knowledge of this gem, we suggest you explore the relevant section.


The English term Pearl derived from the French "Perle." Its original root refers to the Latin word "Perna," that means "leg." Since Pearl is the only birthstone of natural origin, there are few additional data on the subject of its name. But you must take into account that initially, people knew this gem thanks to "nacre" or "mother-of-pearl," such a substance that covers the inner layer of the shell. Whence was the name, Pearls.

If you prefer Alexandrite, you need to know that this name derived from the first name of the Russian Tsar named Alexander.

If you choose Moonstone as your birthstone for June, you have to know that its name appeared thanks to the similarity of its color and the moonlight.

History & Origin

Each of us knows that the pearls are a natural product of the oyster. The ancients knew this unique product of nature from the beginning of time. One day, one of the savages opened the mollusk in search of food. He was likely surprised while discovering such an attractive shining rounded object inside the shell. From now on, this gem has got its value in the jewelry market.

The first pearls applicable for jewelry purposes were obtained from Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon). First travelers visiting this distant island brought them at European markets. The Gulf of Manaar serves as a starting point of producing pearls. But also worth mentioning that many Pearls of Persian origin.

However, noteworthy that these specimens are of inferior quality compared to its Sri Lankan rivals because of their yellowish tint. On the other hand, these pearls are of big size. You might be wondering that the best black Pearls came from the Gulf of Mexico. So you may purchase jewels made of Pearls here, without fear.

The Japanese were the first who invented the technology of cultivating Pearls. As a result, Mikimoto brand presents the best specimens of cultivated pearls at the market.


The Pearls represent a wide variety of colors. The color depends primarily on the place of origin. However, the individual features of the shell also play a significant role. You can meet white, yellow, rose, gray and frequently black pearls on the market. But read above where the best places for purchasing locate.

Magical & Healing Properties

We have the informative articles describing the magical and healing properties of Pearls. Thus we suggest you read them to learn more on the subject. But, in a nutshell, this gemstone has a rich history. Many ancient writers attributed lots of useful features to this precious stone. Also, you may acquaint with the varieties of pearls, learn more about its color, and get the information about their grading as well in the corresponding section of this website. This gemstone correlates with Gemini. It also fits Rose, a birth flower for June.

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