What is the birthstone for January? All agree that it's Garnet. All the charts include this gem in the list, excepting Hindu chart. They consider Serpent Stone appropriate for January. It's worth noting that our ancestors took it for Ruby. Therefore, there are lots of misunderstandings in the ancient sources concerning its true origin.


As mentioned above, the ancient called all red stones "Carbuncles." In Ezekiel, we may find the name "Adems" (אדכ) that means "Rubinos." But the Latin transcription of this term refers to "Granatus." Its Greek name derived from "grain" or "seed." It's not a surprise, as the crystals of this gemstone are similar to the seeds of the pomegranate. Pliny the Elder called this gem Almandine, the stone that was used to imitate Ruby.

History & Legends

We may find the first mention of Garnet in Old Testament. This source describes Garnet as a gemstone that illuminated the Noah's Ark during the Great Flood. Theophrastus compares Garnet with the burning coal. The first Garnets were discovered in Pegu. However, all the gems arriving from Brazil, Ceylon, and Pegu called "Syrian Garnets." But this misunderstanding appeared since Syrian was the capital of Pegu in those old days.


Garnet is usually of red color. However, there are many varieties of this gemstone that could be yellow, green, purple, orange, etc. It's worth mentioning that some Garnets are colorless. Garnet of each color has its name, such as Pyrope, Grossular, Uvarovite, Spessartine, Almandine, and Andradite. You may meet many varieties of shade as well.

Magical & Healing Properties

According to the Medieval sources, Garnet protects its owner against misfortune, especially, if embedded in a golden ring. We found this reference in the book written by Andreas Baccius. Many ancient authors mentioned that this gem symbolizes "trust in love and friendship," as well as "gratitude" and "appreciation." The gemstone endows its wearer with optimism and gives him clarity of the mind. According to the new charts, Garnet correlates to Capricorn birthstone. But, it's worth noting that it very depends on its color.

So, for instance, Orange, Purple, and Red Garnet match with Aries, Aquarius, Leos, Sagittarius, Capricorn; Brown, Purple, and Black Garnet fit Scorpio and Capricorn; while Green Garnet is appropriate to Libra, Capricorn, Sagittarius. This gemstone also correlates with Carnation, a birth flower for January. Garnet is a symbol of constancy, loyalty, perseverance, and strength. It's a stone of passion called upon kindle human hearts. In Medieval Eupore, all the feudal wore this gem. This stone was a symbol of the Romantic era in the late 19th century.

This gem as it rumored assists a pregnant woman to bear a child. It's a good healer for the lungs. The stone must be worn on the neck, to affect the pulmonary system positively. It's recommended to wear a Garnet ring on the middle finger of the right hand. For a young girl, as they say, this gemstone attracts the future husband. Furthermore, this gem serves a mascot for sculptors, painters, poets, fashion designers, actors, and other creative personalities.