What is the birthstone for February? All modern sources tell us that it is Amethyst. But some sources related to 15th-20th century also regard Hyacinth and Pearl as February Birthstones. Given the fact that both US and UK charts alike include Amethyst, therefore, we will consider the properties of this semi precious stone in the following narrative.


There is a collective opinion concerning the origin of the name of Amethyst in numerous Internet sources. According to these sources, its name derived from the Greek word meaning "to intoxicate." In fact, the Greek word "amefuotos" derived from "mefuow" that literally means "not to inebriate." This term refers to the main feature applied to Amethyst as this gem is considered the best amulet against drunkenness.

History & Legends

Pliny the Elder describes Amethyst as the gemstone that has a color of the wine. The ancients believed that this stone might cure insomnia. Another quality of this gem is to sharpen the mind.

The sources tell that Amethyst was first found in Syria. This gem was well known in Petra (Jordan) as well as in Egypt and Galatia. Pliny also asserts that for Indians Amethyst was similar to Sapphire in its color. They called this stone "sacon" or "socondion." It's well known that the most valued Amethysts come from Cyprus.

We may discover that some authors of the 19th-century claims that the Egyptians knew Amethyst. They used this gemstone for engraving. This stone was found in Egyptian charms (inside pendants for necklaces).

Pliny also notices that he found mentions of Amethyst in the works of Cheper, who lived during the reign of Emperor Augustus. He called Amethyst "Violet Pure" and said that this gemstone was so precious that he could sell a pound of this gems for 100 denarii.


Amethyst is a gemstone of a pure violet color, which tint could demonstrate the shades from white to a dark purple. The Oriental Amethyst represents mostly of purple-color varieties. But, in fact, the ancients didn't see the difference between Amethyst and Sapphire. That's why they applied some magical properties to both stones alike.

Magical & Healing Properties

Pliny said that one ancient king owned an Amethyst of the immense size. He used it to illuminate the room with the color of the wine. According to Julius Wodiska, Amethyst is the natal stone of those born in the month of February, who, astrologically influenced under the sign of Aries in the Zodiac. However, the current charts attribute Amethyst as Aquarius birthstone. Wodiska also notes that Mars dominates this gemstone. Also, he described this gem as an amulet which could protect its owner from the "curse of excessive indulgence in stimulating beverages." He claims furthermore that Amethyst is the soldier's stone. Therefore, he appoints this gem to strong sentimental personalities. Also worth noting that this semi precious stone is actual in wearing an evening dress.