What is the birthstone for December? There are three different birthstones that suitable for the month of December. They are, namely, Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon. However, it should be right to choose the Turquoise as the main birthstone for December, given the fact that it presents in all the charts, excepting perhaps just Hindu chart and Medieval chart. Hindu prefers Topaz, while people who lived in the middle ages preferred Ruby and Bloodstone to the last month.


The name Turquoise derived from France. However, this gemstone actually of Persian origin. Pliny the Elder called this gem otherwise. We may find in his Natural History that he calls Turquoise as "Callais" that means Turkish. The proof of this fact, we can find in the catalog of gems belonging to the US National Museum.

History & Origin

Ancient sources tell us that Turquoise was first discovered in the tombs of the Pharaohs. But the most valuable stones arrive at the market from Persia. The most extensive mines of the Turquoise were found in the Abdurrezzagi district of the Nishapur province in Persia. Inferior specimens delivering from Turkmenistan, Kirghizia and other countries of Asia Minor. All of these gemstones came to Europe through the Turkish markets from whence we have the name of Turquoise.

But if we decide to deep study the ancient sources, we may find out that this semi precision stone also mined in Mexico and on the territory of the contemporary United States yet before the discovery of America. There are also well-known mines at Los Cerrillos, New Mexico. The Indians managed to develop this mine yet before the invasion of the Spaniards. The proof of this fact became evident during the excavations in this region. As a result of digging, numerous Aztecs' vases, pottery and other objects made of Turquoise were found. Also, Turquoises were obtained in the land of Midian.


First of all, the Turquoise is the only mineral among all of the gemstones, which is opaque. It is not occurring in the form of crystals. Therefore, we can’t apply to it such terms as brilliance, shine or refraction.

However, there are the colors of Turquoise which are more valuable for jewelry purposes. The pure sky-blue, or robin's-egg blue colors are the richest colors of this gemstone and, therefore, are the most valuable on the jewelry market.

Nonetheless, the green color of Turquoise is commonly widespread. Unfortunately, much of the turquoises are losing their beautiful sky-blue color over time, if often worn it in the daylight. It is the main flaw of this gemstone, that is why is suitable to wear Turquoise jewelry in the form of evening jewel.

Magical & Healing Properties

The ancients endowed this gem with supernatural powers since the prehistoric times. Turquoise symbolized the blue sky and green water alike for them, thanks to its unique color. It's worth noting that the blue color was unusually significant for our predecessors. This Gem symbolizes good health and success. We can discover the proof of this fact in one ancient Persian manuscript dated 11th century.

Additionally, Turquoise means victory and fortune, according to this record. Some ancient authors claimed that this semi precious stone might help with curing of eye vision. Aristotle, in turn, affirms that Turquoise can protect its wearer against assassination. Al-Mahdi states that if one looks at this gemstone early in the morning, Turquoise will endow him with success for the entire day. Another feature of this Gem is to destroy some kinds of poisons. Turquoise correlates with Sagittarius. Therefore, it's also fitting to Sagittarius Birthstone. This gemstone also suits to Holly, a birth flower for December.

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