What is the flower for December? For people born in this month, it's Holly. Holly is a well-known symbol of Christmas, first of all. Secondly, this flower is a symbol of a long life since this plant grows up slowly, but can live for a thousand of years. The Druids respected this flowering plant for its ability to preserve its color all the year round. The Romans believed that Holly is a creature made by Saturn. During the ancient Roman holiday, the locals used this flower to decorate their homes and gave them to each other.

When Christianity became the principal religion in Europe, a Holly turned into their primary symbol. Some Christian mystics claim that the Wreath of Christ contained Holly flowers. They also declare that the berries of Holly were initially white. However, they have become red, symbolizing the blood of Jesus. Additionally, this flower means joy and reconciliation.

The Celtic myths described Holly as an evergreen brother of an Oak tree. According to their lunar calendar, the sacred Oak is a symbol of the light-year, whereas Holly symbolizes the dark period of the year.

Holly is also the sign of the mythological unicorn. It's useful to know that the King Edward VII Rooms at Buckingham Palace contain a horn made of Holly, which is considered to be the one belonging to the unicorn. There was a belief during the Middle Ages that this horn is capable of protecting the King from poison.

In Esoteric, Holy is a symbol of the evergreen aspect of the soul, while the Oak symbolizes a sacrificial ego. An ancient Welsh poem says that Holly and Oak are two trees that are props of the bridge over the rainbow river where the evil of the world dissolves on the way towards Grinvid. People born under the symbol of Holly are less willing to take risks before they weigh all the pros and cons. These characters are mainly practical. They may solve numerous problems using simple logic.

Holly is a symbol of the continuity of life. Therefore, people use the flowers and branches of Holly to decorate their homes during the winter holidays, when the light begins to reborn. Native Americans Guaraní believe that the Gods gave them a magic drink known as "mate." They use the leaves of Holly to create this Elixir. The name of this drink differs in various tribes. But the fact is that this Elixir gives them happiness and gladness.

The Symbol of Christmas

There is an opinion on the subject of a Holy King and Santa Claus. Presumably, they both were, in fact, one man. According to this version, both symbols of modesty and goodness were combined under one term. As known, Santa Claus is none other than Saint Nicolas, who was a bishop lived in the 9th century. He helped to lower-income families when throwing golden coins in their shoes abandoned upon their doorstep. Over time, Thomas Nast transformed this name into Santa Claus, to popularize the brand of Coca Cola. That's how the flowers of Holly have eventually become the symbol of Christmas.