What is the birthstone for Capricorn? There is just one gem which ideally fits this sign of the Zodiac; it's Garnet.

Capricorn is the region of Commerce. Therefore, its forces trend toward the distribution of a product (of love and power, in particular). People born under this sign live under the influence of Saturn, the planet obtaining the greatest power. Perhaps, you know that the Greek god, Cronus, and the Roman Saturnus alike were the gods of commerce. This sign thus is closely related the energies of industry and cooperation. Capricorn prefers the intense maroon as its primary color. Its tendency is moving forward the disintegration.

December 21st to January 18th. Commerce, Maroon, Moving.

Who Are Capricorn Personalities?

This nature has a broad field of activity and is motivated to take care of its interests, to receive all kinds of commissions (as a factor) from others, and when acting as an assistant is always proficient, accurate and fast. On the other hand, its commercial instincts point Capricorn towards a desire for intensive and wide acquaintanceship. This sign possesses excellent reserve power. That's why Capricorn rarely shows its full capacity.

But it frequently lacks dignity and ambition. However, when Capricorn highly endowed with potential, this sign might be destructive and vindictive. Given the fact that this sign of the Zodiac frequently cooperates with Pisces, it may use its inclination to arts, but principally in practical purpose. This person is well in mathematics, accounting, and succeed at civil engineering.

Capricorn feels a sympathy towards Aquarius or its solar polarity, Cancer. Capricorn, as a rule, is pretty happy in marriage. However, it's worth noting that this sign used to dominate others. But this dominance endows Capricorn with a full grasp of fundamental demands, and a supervising influence over others. So, as a professional, this personality is strictly necessary for large enterprises and the execution of all large working plans. Nonetheless, also worth noting its neglect to the details. However, this quality is due to their trend to force other of accomplishing of dirty job.