What is the Birthstone for Cancer? According to the modern charts, it's Ruby.

June 21st to July 21st. Marriage, Orange, Animating.

The feature of Cancer energies is fidelity in marriage, mating, and sexuality.

This sign is under control of Venus that affect the powers in this region. Cancer exists in the area of sensory forces and incentive to the higher forms of sex mating. As a result, this sign is dominant in devotion and family life. Cancer also possesses the intense sexuality. It is ardent as husband or wife alike.

Who are Cancer Personalities?

This person regards work and activity in the productive purposes. It wishes to perform its measure of responsibility. On the other hand, Cancer strives to develop mental potential.

Cancer is generous, but cautious in expenses. But when they endowed with power, they are principally magnanimous. For financial success, unity with Capricorn is most favorable.

It's worth noting that Cancer is sensitive to nervous conditions. Children and teen must avoid extremes or excess situation in any injurious direction. As a result, Cancer should adhere to self-control and equanimity.

Cancer feels the strong influence of the Moon. However, it's not as helpful as one would like. On the other hand, they possess many elements of creative ambition and desires of significant personal advancement without enough resolution of purpose and concentration. They are unruly and stubborn. Thus, their mentality must search for a combination of dignity and balance with their physical and natural energy.

These personalities feel a strong attraction to constructive professions, and love of the mechanical arts and reflective studies. Their preferred color is Orange, by the way,

As for their health, people born under this sign are full of reproductive energy, excellent digestive system, and strong lung capacity. However, this nature is sensitive to the nerve forces of others. They feel a lack of attacking power, or, at least, defense. Cancer accumulates the combination of a periodicity of habit and intense emotions, close friendships, and deep devotion, love of children and life, an interest in all that is beautiful.