What is the birthstone for Aries? For people born under this sign the most suitable gem is a Diamond.

March 21st to April 19th. Intelligence, Blue, Relating.

According to the ancient sources, the products of Aries may be represented by the general term "erudition." Their mission is to spread knowledge and ideas by language and speech. They keep their thoughts using various methods of recording. Their goal is the extension of personal and national career.

Neptune, the closest planet to Aries, gives them spirituality, refinement, and elegance, as well as harmony.

Who is Aries?

This nature is unique due to its ability to retention. Therefore, they possess a deep understanding of the course of events, can easily remember people and their faces. They have as a rule large amount of literary ability. That's why, if they choose a profession of teacher, Aries becomes the experienced instructors in languages, music, and history. Aries usually has a good voice, and a keen sensibility to the music, furthermore. Some of them capable of grasping the interrelations of ideas or the fundamental principals of human life.

They are free from personal prejudices. As a result, many of Aries may work as judges. They hate war, rigidity, and suffering. On the other hand, they love originality, dignity, and elegance.

It's true that Aries natures are born leaders. They like to manage and direct. But this ability works when they use it to encourage people, not in commerce or business. This quality more relates to their potential to control the rest of people mentally. They lack the defensive and impulsive forces in full strength. The Aries nature is subject to mental oppression that usually lasts for many days. The only way to resist this quality is to find time for rest and calmness.

Aries prefers blue color. They concentrate energy in the function of memory and attention. The period of power is from March 21st to April 19th.

Aries express love in a high degree. But this feeling closer to parental and filial love, and in the less personal form, patriotism.