What is the birthstone for Aquarius? The most suitable gemstone for people born under this sign is Amethyst.

Among all the signs of the Zodiac, Aquarius is the only sign that is under control of our home planet, Earth. As a result, Aquarius finds the capability and sympathy of the so-called physical senses. The favorite color of Aquarius is the tertiary salmon. The dominant feature of its forces is sensibility. However, also worth noting that Uranus rules this sign as well, whence its trend toward sense-intemperance.

January 19 -- February 17th. Home, Salmon, Supply.

Who Are Aquarius Personalities?

These people are dominant in decision, sensitiveness, response, as well as in all that relates to the closeness of the home and its comfort. This nature is frequently fully endowed with the sharp perception and the deep engagement with religion. Aquarius alike Cancer is devoted to marriage. It is experienced in the wide range of social skills, capable of economic management, and eager to bring favor to the society.

Aquarius is sensitive to the full range of wishes emerging from the impressive mental abilities. As a result, it quickly comprehends the demands of others. In many cases, these people successful in minor (mostly home) businesses. But they can't compete with Sagittarius and Capricorn in managing of big enterprises. In marriage, they prefer Leo, while Pisces usually cause troubles when coexisting with Aquarius.

They are quite experienced in various branches of science but prefer to implement these skills in practice. This nature loves music and poetry. They possess a sense of rhythm, furthermore. Aquarius usually has keen intuitions. Their senses of touch and smell are extremely acute.

Aquarius is socially adapting. As a result, it likes to take part in all neighborhood activities. They prefer business life or a trade instead of a prescribing and demanding profession. This sign is sensitive to all talents. It's worth noting that Aquarius is thriving in the mainstream businesses but frequently unlucky (lack of experience) in financial matters. These people thus need of positive attitude and self-confidence.