What is the birthstone for April? It's clear that we're talking about Diamond. This precious stone is in the US, Britain and even Hindu tradition charts alike, unlike many other gems. However, some sources claim that Sapphire and Rock Crystal also may be included in the list of December Birthstones. Diamond perhaps is the most adorable precious stone of all time. Therefore, this gem possesses an endless background. We can't fully cover its history within this article. But we'll try to sum up the most important features of this jewel.


Each of us knows the term "Adamas." But few know that this world is of Greek origin. The ancients considered it unbreakable as it is. That's why the word "adamantine" appeared in our vocabulary. But some Medieval authors claim that the right translation of this word is "indomitable." We may refer to Diamonds and Precious Stones, a treatise by Louis Dieulafiat. Fanchon Stanford translated this book in 1874.

History & Origin

It's not easy to describe the story of April Birthstone in a nutshell, given the incredible popularity of this gemstone among our ancestors. There are thousands of myths, legends, and lore about Diamond, as it's the most worshiped gemstone. Let's try to do this briefly.

According to the ancient Greek mythology, Diamond is a creation of Jupiter. The God turned a man into a stone, as he refused to abandon his divine substance. The ancient Romans called the Diamonds "tears of the gods." On the other hand, they considered Diamonds as the fragments of the fallen stars. At the same time, the ancient Indian legend has it that Dimond consists of each element of nature, such as water, earth, fire & air.

Many ancient authors share the same opinion that the birthplace of Diamond locates in India. This country was the only Diamond market until 1700. The market lasted from Bombay to Madras. It's worth noting that such renown diamonds as Hope Diamond and Koh-i-Noor Diamond were delivered from this region. This gemstone appeared in the records belonging to other countries only in the beginning of 19th century. In 1728, the Diamond deposits were found in Brazil. At that date, the mines in Borneo produced approximately 3,000 karats annually.


The diamond illustrates a gorgeous range of colors. It could be colorless, black, brown, yellow, red (which are very rare), also blue and even pink. It's useful to know that it's tough to find an entirely colorless Diamond without any tint. These gemstones are rare. Therefore, they're precious, if we regard natural stones (not fancy). World's most famous Diamonds cannot boast with the absence of lack or any imperfection. Even the best specimens of immense price have insignificant tint.

Magical & Healing Properties

It's obvious that Diamond symbolizes purity, significance, and straightness (hardness). But these qualities usually imply the intentions or wishes of a man. Of course, due to its resistance to durability, the ancients empowered Diamond with supernatural qualities. That's why ancients chose it for an engagement ring. Our predecessors believed that the marriage thus must be robust and unbreakable. In other words, this gemstone must strengthen anything, whether it be love, health, influence, relationship, etc. By the way, it is the reason why Diamond was a symbol of influential personalities. Diamond fits Aries. This precious stone symbolizes Daisy, a birth flower for April.